Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Days of Action Against Drones in Boston: Saturday, April 6th

Boston area anti-war activists held a protest against US unmanned drone warfare last Saturday at the Boston Common. This was the first Boston demonstration of the National April Days of Action Against Drones, joining events on Saturday in San Diego, Chicago, and in many other cities nationwide. The Boston protest was organized by The Committee For Peace and Human Rights-Boston, who, since 1998, have held a weekly peace vigil on saturdays from 1-2pm on Boston Common, as well as Veterans for Peace, and the Womens International League For Peace and Freedom.
Demonstrators filled the Boston Common.

A highlight of the demonstration was the naming
of individual victims of drone warfare.

Speakers talked about the many hundreds of people
 killed by US unmanned drones in the wars in
Afghanistan and Pakistan, the use of drones over
Iran and plans to use drones domestically.
White masks were used to evocatively represent
 civilian victims of drone warfare worldwide.

See the videos below:
Drone Death March and Rally
Speech by Jerry Price

This was a preliminary protest to prepare for the national day of anti-drone protests on Saturday April 13, culminating with a mass protest in front of the White House at 12 noon. 

There will also be another anti-drone protest in Boston outside Park St. T Station on April 13th at 1pm.


*All photos by Maurice Moral

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