Friday, May 9, 2014

MIT: The Pentagon on the Charles

In an action organized by the Eastern Massaschusetts  Anti- Drone Network, representatives from Veterans for Peace, the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and other groups came to MIT on Tuesday, 5/6 to call attention to the university's complicity with lethal applications of drone technology in a demonstration themed "The Pentagon on the Charles." A full report can be heard here.
A 1/5 scale Reaper Drone replica helped to counteract the
 dissociation between the research laboratory and the realities
 resulting from that research.
Professor Subrata Ghoshroy, a research affiliate with MIT's Science, Technology, and Society program, in discussing the day's theme, hearkened back to the close ties between MIT and the Pentagon during the Vietnam War era and asked pointed questions about why the genius of an institution like MIT is still being directed to the development of weapons, especially in light of the immense environmental and infrastructure challenges faced by our nation.
Prof. Subrata Ghoshroy discusses MIT's complicity
 in drone terror.  The full video is linked here.

Nancy Murray (pictured L) discussed the "fairy tales" propagated
 by the Obama administration in the place of true transparency
 regarding the innocent people murdered by drone strikes. 

An MIT alumna who passed by the protest said: "If I had known I would be there with me the whole drone story is so cruel...from what I've heard they're actually fueling hate instead of [protecting us]'s revolting to me that anyone could accept to do that, just kill people from a room somewhere as if they're nonhuman."

Demonstrators also took the time to read the names of the many people killed around the world by U.S. drone strikes, many children and many if not most completely innocent of wrongdoing.
Bearing witness to those slaughtered by U.S. drone.

"U.S.A is the Real Terrorist."
The large group gathered on the campus caught
 the attention of many passersby.
The Spring Days of Drone Action
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